Caring, innovative and more sustainable products

Caring, innovative and more sustainable products

While it’s important we make sure our products are as strong, hygienic and soft as you need them to be, we’re also committed to making them as environmentally sound as possible . Our raw materials are responsibly sourced and all of our toilet tissue and facial tissue products are biodegradable.

certified fibres
Dispersible and biodegradable toilet paper

Dispersible and biodegradable toilet paper

We’re committed to creating toilet paper that keeps you feeling comfortable and cared-for, while keeping environmental concerns in mind. Cushelle toilet paper is biodegradable and dispersible, so you can flush it and be sure it will dissolve.

Responsibly sourced materials

Responsibly sourced materials

When sourcing responsible fibres for tissue products, there are three options to choose from. We can use new wood-based fresh fibres from certified sources, recycled fibres, or alternative fibres. Our tissue is made from the first two options: renewable from certified sources such as FSC® (FSC-C003255), or recycled materials. We only use pulp from well-managed FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources.

Other facts

100% recyclability by 2025

Reducing, replacing and recycling our packaging is a key priority for us.

25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our energy use by 2030

Reducing the carbon footprint of our products is central to our sustainability strategy.