Save Kenny the Koala and His Friends with WWF

Save Kenny the Koala and His Friends with WWF

In February 2021, we teamed up with WWF on a campaign to help protect koalas from extinction in parts of Australia, by donating £150,000 through special packs of Cushelle.

Why did we partner with WWF to help Kenny the koala?

Koalas and their friends have been disappearing from the wild due to various threats including climate change, which is making extreme events like bushfires more likely and more intense. Back in 2020, the bushfires impacted more than 60,000 of the marsupials, leaving thousands homeless.

It’s estimated only around 35,000 koalas are left in the wild in Eastern Australia and only 85,000 left in total across Australia* meaning the koala species is threatened with possible extinction in parts of Australia by 2050.

*All stats and information provided by WWF

With your generosity, our WWF campaign raised an incredible £153,440 towards protecting koalas. 50% of the amount raised went towards funding the Australia Bushfire Appeal and 50% contributed to WWF’s wider conservation work.

How can we help the koalas?

To highlight how irreplaceable koalas like Kenny are, we created The Koala Academy to show how hard it would be to find other animals to replace them if they were no longer around.

Where's Kenny? Colour him in to find out!

Can you spot cheeky Kenny the koala? Download and colour him in to find out where he’s been hiding. Don’t forget to tell us when you spot him!


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Help protect Kenny and his koala friends
from extinction

It’s not too late to help. Click below to make a donation of your choosing.
Together we can make a real change for Kenny and his friends.